Q & A

1) Is the hotel child-friendly?
Yes, it is (especially for infants and small children).

2) I am a solo traveler or a couple without children. I hear that your hotel is very popular with families with small children. Will I feel comfortable in such an environment?
Ammos welcomes customers of all ages. The shallow, sandy bay right in front of the hotel is indeed very suitable for babies and toddlers but our hotel is also popular with couples for its relaxed ambience, expert concierge service and peaceful seaside restaurant. That said if one is allergic to children then ammos is probably not the right hotel.

3) Are your rooms and communal areas designed with children and child safety in mind?
Our hotel was not designed prioritizing children's safety (as we became popular with families in the last couple of years). While we always have each guest's safety in mind, parents with small children are always requested to pay extra attention and never leave their children unsupervised.

4) Are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of?
No (only remember that breakfast is not included in the room rate).

5) Are the sun loungers by the pool and on the beach free of charge?
Yes, they are.

6) Do you have a private beach?
No, we do not, but the beach in front of the hotel is primarily used by our guests.

7) Are you environmentally conscious?
Yes, we are. We use bio-degradable cleaning products, recycle paper, plastic, tin, perishable goods and use solar energy for hot water. Guests are also given the option of having their towels and linen changed once every 2 days (instead of daily). Ammos Hotel and its director, Nikos Tsepetis continuously aim to make locals more aware of the environmental problems. Nikos is often seen by guests collecting rubbish from the nearby beaches and streets.

8) Do you provide complimentary beach towels?

9) How often do you clean the rooms?
Every day.

10) How far away are you from the old city of Chania? Can I walk there?
We are 5 km away, 1 hour walk or 15 minutes by taxi (8-10 euros) or bus (every 20 minutes, tickets at 1,1 euro) ride.

11) Do you have sufficient parking space on your premises for all guests?
We have a private open air parking plot on our premises and most of the time this is sufficient for all our guests' cars. If there is no available space there, guests can park on the public road outside the hotel (or ask for our help).

12) I know that you have a very good restaurant in the hotel, but are there any other good restaurants in the vicinity?
There are a couple of restaurants at a 20 minutes walking distance which we recommend and there are many more in the old city (5km distance). Ask at the front desk for our unbiased suggestions.

13) Are there mosquitoes in the room?
While they are fewer than in other places, there can still be mosquitoes depending on the heat and the season. If you are sensitive to mosquitoes we recommend you use the small tablet machine - which is an insect repellent (found in your drawer) and follow some common sense general precautions (have the balcony door closed in the night etc).

14) I am allergic to cats - do you have stray cats in the hotel?
Yes, we do have stray cats like in most of the summer hotels in Greece.

15) I want to hike the Samaria gorge; do I have to pre-book it?
No need for that. You can always book (at the front desk) up to the afternoon of the day before.

16) What is your smoking policy?
While smoking within your hotel room is not allowed, guests can smoke in the open space restaurant and in their private terraces and verandas.

17) Do you propose any special excursions, private guided tours etc?
Yes, we do. Guests can find a regularly updated concierge file at the front desk while current and local news are updated on a daily basis on our black board at the hotel entrance. For more info, contact our concierge or anyone at the front desk.

18) Is there a kettle in the room?
We have a small compact kitchenette (with a corian worktop) which includes a fridge, 2 hot plates and sufficient equipment including a kettle.

19) Do you provide any cleaning sponge and dishwashing liquid for the dishes?
No, we do not but we clean your dishes every time we clean your room.

20) Do you provide transfer from Crete's airports/ports?
If you do not wish to take one of the taxis which are readily available at Crete's ports and airports, feel free to contact our concierge for an advantageous rate booking of a private taxi.

21) Do you provide laundry service?
Yes, we do and at very reasonable rates. You give us your laundry early in the morning and we return it to you same afternoon or morning of the following day.

22) What do you provide for babies and toddlers?
We provide baby-cots, baby chairs (in the restaurant and in the room), baby baths, baby blankets and baby towels.

23) What are your baby sitting rates?
Babysitting and child care are available by pre-arrangement at 8 euro per hour when 1 child/baby and at 10 euro per hour when 2 babies/children. In both cases the minimum is 2 and half hours.

24) Do we have to book one of the offered massages well in advance?
The sooner you book the better as the masseurs work by appointment only and schedules can fill up.

25) Other than massages, what other like services are nearby?
Within a few meters of Ammos, you will find a hairdressing salon and a well equipped gym and spa facility.

26) What is the check-in and check-out time?
Check-in is at 13:00 and check-out at 12:00.

27) I want to stay longer in my room on departure date; is this possible and how much do you charge?
We charge 10 euro per hour. We only know if it is possible on the day of your departure (you cannot have it pre-arranged unless you wish to book the room for an extra night). Remember that if you want to stay longer on your departure date and there are no rooms available, you are welcome to use our public late check-out facilities (shower and dressing room).

28) What is the opening and closing time of the front desk?
We operate the front desk from 08:00 to 24:00

29) I am scheduled to arrive late, after midnight (when your reception is closed). How should I find my room?
Do let us know if you plan to arrive after midnight, or if you have an unexpected delay. After the reception closes, we have a night clerk either at the front desk or around the hotel grounds. Knowing when to expect you, we can make arrangements for the night clerk to welcome you and show you to your room.

30) I am a honeymooner and I want to have one of your deluxe sea view studios; what is the difference between this and the twin sea view studio?
For a more thorough understanding of all our room types I invite you to read the page on our site.

31) Do we receive any special "honeymoon" treatment?
Not unless you ask for it. Email us and let us know if you want to find something special in your room (e.g. roses, champagne) and we will gladly deliver the requested service.

32) Do you support the local market?
Absolutely! We buy local products such as cheese, honey, vegetables, meat, poultry, fruits, wine, olive oil, hand-picked mountain herbs, spices and teas.

33) Do you have a designated children's play area?
Yes, we have a play room. It is best suited to children up to 5 years old and is mostly parent supervised.

34) Does the restaurant cater for vegetarians, vegans and those with lactose intolerance or gluten allergies?
Yes, there are dishes which are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and/or those who are lactose or gluten intolerant (please inform the front desk and the waiter in charge about your allergies).

35) What can be found in the vicinity of ammos (with regards to walks, restaurants, shops, entertainment etc)?
Within walking distance you will encounter a small beautiful woods/park area, a children's entertainment venue, several mini-markets, small shops, supermarkets (500m) and a few local taverns. The only eateries we recommend other than ours (as we are a bit fussy with food), are 2 very simple family-run taverns in the small villages of Daratsos and Galatas-both are a 20 minutes uphill walk. Note that for the biggest part of the walk there is no decent sidewalk so it can be difficult to stroll with a pushchair.

36) Is the tap water drinkable in the hotel?
It is perfectly drinkable.

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