Nikos, a self-confessed design junky, is the man behind everything. His natural charisma for hospitality comes hand in hand with his keen eye for detail, his neurotic precision and his innate ability to reimagine spaces. 

Normally, people say that the showstopper is the restaurant/ reception with the museum quality selection of chairs and seemingly incoherent abundance of visual references ranging from Scandinavian to dirty French (Nikos insists that there is a thread to his madness). Rooms tell a slightly different story. There is a smart minimalism-wickedly offset by splashes of bright colours, a discreet luxury in the choice of furnishing and fabrics and the loud absence of tv.

Ammos style is more than anything an odyssey that started some 25 years ago. Nikos annually shuffles the cards. 2018 was a big year with new, much higher, balcony doors and beautiful wooden shutters. For 2019 Nikos and his partner in crime, the architect Elisa Manolas, have the ambition to re-dress the pool area and re-invent the reception.