Start your day with a curated buffet of baked goods comprising long-fermented sourdough breads, vegan banana bread, orange and marble cakes, gluten-free bread and Greek koulouri, all courtesy of Red Jane, our very own bakery located downtown. The rest of the breakfast (see below) is served à la carte, alongside freshly roasted, Red Jane specialty coffee.

Jam, butter, thyme honey and early harvest olive oil

Scrambled eggs

Kagianas- eggs with feta, tomatoes and oregano

Tabouleh salad with Kalamata olives

Spanakopita – the famous Greek spinach pie

Barley rusks topped with goat cheese, olives and fresh tomato salsa

Black-eyed bean salad (GF, vegan)

Yoghurt with homemade granola and thyme honey

Overnight oats with nuts, chia seeds and seasonal fruits (GF, vegan)

Pancakes with banana and chocolate hazelnut spread

Fresh fruit

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Filter coffee/ tea/ hot choco

Supplements (combined with main breakfast)

Espresso, Greek coffee, cacao husk tea: 1,5

Cappuccino, latte, flat white: 2

Mashed avocado on toasted emmer bread: 5

Sunny-side-up eggs with yoghurt and hazelnuts / poached eggs / omelette: 5

A small selection of local cheese: 5