Please choose anything you like from the following:


Home made breads and pastries with our jams, butter and thyme honey (gf version available)

Eggs, the way you like it

Dakos, barley rusks topped with grated tomatoes, black olives and goat cheese

Squidgy Orange cake

Kalitsounia, Cretan spinach pies

Yoghurt with home-made granola, melon and thyme honey

Cucumber and eggs tea sandwich

Black-eyed beans salad (vg)

Plate of fresh fruit

Pancakes with banana and nutella

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Coffee, tea, Cretan herbal tea


Useful info:

We get our coffee beans from best-in-town Kross Coffee Roasters. For espresso we use their “Lighthouse” seasonal blend of Brazil and Colombia (milk chocolate, apricots and raisins). For filter coffee we use their signature Ethiopia-Nigatu (with flavors of jasmine, strawberry and milk chocolate).

We are happy (and proud) that we have an exciting young pastry chef and for the first time we bake. Get your daily sweet and savory fix with home-made sourdough breads, chocolate brioche, Greek Koulouri, Pain Aux Raisin and others.