Yes, it is worth waking up for breakfast at Ammos – don’t worry, we serve it from 08.00 am until a very civilised 11.30 am. You can spend a week here and still not try everything: Cretan pies, orange cake, homemade granola, daily baked pain aux raisin, seasonal fruits and creamy Greek yoghurt swirled with thyme honey. Plus, a really very good coffee!

Good life gallops after breakfast. The breezy restaurant stays open until late at night and serves an ingredient driven menu that defies easy categorisation. Yes (again), we do all the mouthwatering Greek classics such as dolmades, souvlaki, crispy calamari, the glorified moussaka. But we also do out-of-the-box seasonal dishes and we also do a few amazing desserts to keep your sweet tooth in shape.


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