When did it all start?

Ammos started almost 30 years ago. But it didn’t happen overnight, it’s been more of a marathon than a sprint – think Aesop’s tortoise and hare. It grew organically from humble beginnings, with the food, service and every detail thought out and carefully developed.

I am travelling without children. I hear that your hotel is very popular with families with small children. Will I feel comfortable in such an environment?

Ammos likes guests of all ages and kinds. The hotel is suitable for children however we are also very popular with couples and solo travellers due to our convivial vibe, design, great food and in-the-know concierge. That said, if you are allergic to kids, we are not a good match.

What’s the weather like in April and October (the beginning and end of the season)?

Crete has one of the warmest, sunniest climates anywhere in Greece and indeed Europe. April days are generally warm and sunny. Our pool is heated to an average 25oC, but the sea water is still quite fresh. You can enjoy sunbathing both on the beach and by the pool. October days are mostly mild, warm and sunny, with an average day temperature of 25-28oC. The sea is warm and swimmable (usually 22-24oC). In both April and October, evenings are cool, so do bring a light jacket. Of course, also due to global warming, good weather is sadly never guaranteed and there may be a few rainy or overcast days.

What is your star rating?

Ammos is an atypical hotel.

Anything exciting for 2023 and 2024?

Other than introducing new art and design and finally opening Red Jane bakery (it took us an eternity), we also just inaugurated, the “sunset” bar and lounge, on the rooftop. The space doubles as an outdoor yoga studio a few mornings per week.